Wednesday, 19 November 2014


I've been very much interested in chemistry since my school days, especially Inorganic chemistry. Unfortunately, I could not get a degree in chemistry because of some financial reasons. But, it did not stop me from learning chemistry in anyway. I have been gaining more and more knowledge in chemistry by studying various articles online, watching videos, books and performing so many experiments. I'm not ready to give up my passion at any cost.

I always believe our passion and curiosity will bring us to a different level. They are key to our success. But, when exactly this knowledge will really help is the question. Yes, when you teach to others and doing more researches and that's what I've been trying to do all these years.

Also, I have been making many chemistry videos and posting them on youtube to teach people worldwide in an easy way. I had posted 72 videos and got 284 subscribers heretofore. It is still going strong. Here is the link for my youtube channel:

Also, link for one of my videos:

Yes, when you come to chemistry, teaching through practical lessons is the best way rather than teaching theoratically. For that you need a laboratory set up. Yes, I do have a small lab in my home. But, setting up a laboratory in home is no easy and costs a lot. I have been buying chemicals and glasswares for the past few years to teach chemistry and spent a lot. But, as I mentioned, it's pretty expensive. Sometimes, you cannot even buy some common chemicals such as Potassium Iodide, Silver nitrate etc.. since they are very expensive. So, I need some help here for buying some equipments and chemicals to post more videos (especially about rare chemicals) and writing many more articles in future. Your funds will help me in doing some chemistry projects too. Hope many people from worldwide will contribute for this. If you want to donate, please do by using the following link:

Many thanks for all your support in advance.



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